Equestrian Maxi

Apparently I'm in a very "equestrian" mood lately with fall fashion. Something about preppy layering and neutrals are really appealing to me this season. It's such a change from my normal bright color fetish!

Either way, we'll see how long this phase lasts. One of my favorite layering pieces for fall is this military vest. I'm currently looking for more in navy and basic khaki. I love how a military piece can toughen up a very feminine look or add edge to an otherwise classically preppy ensemble.

For this look, I wanted to start with a basic maxi dress. I collected several this summer and am working on different ways to bundle them up for fall. This should be intersting, I'm looking forward to the challenge. The easiest way to start is with something as simple as khaki. This color is so versatile, and a dress this basic provides you with a lot of styling options.

I'm really into the look of a button up shirt with a statement necklace lately. It gives an outfit a kind of "prep school" vibe. As you probably already know, I'm a big fan of belting pretty much anything. With a look like this, it's almost a neccessity. What you don't want is the layers to add any bulk, so belting at the waist is the perfect solution to maintaining your shape.

Hope you enjoy!
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