Vintage Pinup Style

Back to the vintage! Found this dress in Las Vegas and I absolutely adore the little feminine vintage touches. The lace back and crochet collar immediately caught my eye and the lace underlay made it even better.

Although it's been a bit colder lately, I thought I could still get away with short sleeves if I layered underneath. The knee socks over lace tights is a nice alternative for leggings in the fall and winter. Add some tall boots and your legs will stay warm for sure.

I found this vintage bandana look on Pinterest and I wanted to replicate it. I love how simple and casual it is, and I'm really excited to try it with different outfits. Darn it, now I'm going to have to go bandana hunting for more colors!

Hope you enjoy!
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  1. So cute, I love the bandana in your hair! Such a great touch!

  2. I love this vintage look- so girlish but also sexy. The details on that dress are great!


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