Happy Halloween!

    • Thrifted maxi dress
    • Blouse from TJ Maxx
    • Boots from JC Penney
    • Earrings from Body Central
    • Scarf was borrowed from my aunt!
    • Lips: Revlon Really Red Matte lipstick

So today was my first day of field. For those of you who aren't teachers, or have no idea what this means- it is the first day of the semester where I will officially be in the classroom for half the day, everyday until Christmas break. I've been trying to figure out stylish, yet conservative teaching outfits to wear over the next few months, and this is the first I've come up with.

I love finding new ways to wear scarves! This silk scarf was just calling my name and I thougth what a perfect way to add some spice to conservative black and khaki!

P.S.- Remember the lovely Courtney from I Can Be Many Things who was my blogger of the week here? She asked me to be her guest blogger today! How nice of her! So stop by and visit her blog today and everyday because her style is awesome! :)
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  1. That looks like a perfect teaching outfit :)

  2. Hey...this is an awesome way to style a maxi dress! I guess it just never occurred to me to put it over a button down, love the look. And that little pop of cheetah print is very now :) I just got a cheetah print blouse, so I'm really loving it. Following you now...can't wait to see more.

    <3 Cambria


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