Weekend Professional

    • Thrifted blazer
    • Skirt from Gap
    • Tights from Macy's
    • Boots from JC Penney
    • Max Azria & Miley Cyrus shirt
    • Necklace from Icing

So this weekend has been all about preparing for the Girls' World Expo next Sunday, and I couldn't be more excited! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of pulling clothes, bags, and shoes from Macy's and Sassy Peacock. I can't wait to show you all the photos from the show next week!

Anyways, I mentioned the other day that it has been freezing lately and I've started to notice frost on my car and on the grass every morning now! Ugh. I'm not ready for this! On the bright side, I get to wear some fun blazers when I layer for this type of weather!

It wouldn't be me if I didn't have some sort of pop of color in (most) outfits, and today was no exception! We all know my undying love for things yellow/mustard, and this skirt and belt combo was just the perfect amount of color to brighten up the texture in the blazer.
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  1. I love the pops of yellow! Really livens up the outfit :)

  2. Great professional look! That skirt really brightens things up. I love it! not boring at all


  3. I love the pop of yellow you added to your outfit. It really does brighten up the whole outfit.



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