Red Blazer & Tribal Print Maxi Dress

    • Dress from Marshalls
    • Vintage blazer
    • Booties from Charlotte Russe

Blazers are perfect for fall layering! I love looking for all the bright ones I can get my hands on! In my eyes, they add the perfect amount of polish to any outfit.

This one was a stand out from the beginning. Once I found it, I knew I could add it to a nautical outfit or use it to add some structure and polish to this aztec-printed maxi dress.

Hope you enjoy!
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1 comment:

  1. Wow this is beautiufl,red is such a striking colour,this look is so sophistcited, elegant and classic! Really love aztec print too.

    I have done my post featuring the photo's you sent me! I choose three,so it would fit nicely,but all of them were gorgeous. Hope you dont mind its on the same post as my uni project x
    Hope you like it and of course Ive linked it back to your blog,if you want anything changed,just let me know x


I really appreciate you taking the time to make a comment, thank you! :)

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