Blogger of the Week: Beantown's Barbie

I'm so excited to feature Natalie's style of Beantown's Barbie! This boston girl has some pretty posh outfits and enviable style. I really love her 70s relaxed chic vibe!

1. How would you describe your style?

I don't think there is a single "style" that I always stick to.. My style is constantly changing as I am evolving and growing as a woman.  At the moment, I am really into the 70's chic look which includes flare jeans, color blocking, floppy hats, and loose blouses.  I tend to stay up to date and experiment with trends as they come and go.

2. What pieces do you tend to gravitate toward this season and why?

I am really loving the colored denim trend as you can tell from my latest post… I love the pop of color, it's such a refreshing look.  It brings life and dimension to any outfit, definitely a head turning trend!  I am also loving fur vests which add instant glam to any look set.  Simply adding a fur vest to jeans & sweater... transforms dull to chic with minimal effort.

3. Who/what inspires your style?

If I were to choose one style icon that sums up my style inspiration… hands down… Olivia Palermo.  I love her eclectic sense of style.  She never sticks with one "signature look."  Sometimes she dresses sexy and sleek, sometimes she wears free spirited-esque looks.  I never get bored of her style!

4. What would be your favorite styling tip to share with readers?

Don't be afraid to try new things… follow daring trends… start your own trends.  If you are confident in how you look, you will look good no matter what you wear. 

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  1. Love the second look! Gorgeous!

  2. She is so gorgeous!! Love her style!! Thanks for another great post!!


  3. Her outfits are really fabulous! Amazing style!

  4. o i love what i see of her style! i'm headed to her blog to check out more...


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