Fur Vest & Feather Belt

I am so excited for my new fur vest! I found it at Marshalls this week and it is incredibly warm. I can't wait to wear it all winter.

This feather waist belt is another new purchase. I've been looking for feather everything lately, because I love all of the different colors! This particular one is perfect because it's stretchy and has green, blue, brown, and black in it. I wanted to make the belt stand out, so I paired it with a cobalt blue vintage dress.

And of course let's not forget my obsession with knee socks. I guess an outfit as of late would not be complete without them!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! :) P.s.- Everything in Shoppe Pop is 30% off this week to celebrate 100 likes on Facebook!
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  1. Ahh the knee socks! I found a nice grey pair after, but they are wayy too tight around my calves. I can get away with wearing them but man does my circulation pay for it!
    Loving' the bright royal color!
    You look so beautiful :)

  2. The shade of blue has been my favorite for a while now. So bright and vibrant


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