Lemon in the Snow

So there's that white stuff we've been dreading. It's finally here to stay I fear. Even now as I look out my window, it shows no sign of stopping. Sigh. See you in May green grass.

Well, just because there's snow on the ground doesn't mean I'm going to stop wearing bright colors! I need something to be sunny when I get dressed at 6am and it's freezing outside! This morning I decided to wear some of my newer fun opaque tights. These babies are so warm- in fact (Urban Outfitters) won the award for warmest tights this fall. I can definitely see why!

I wore this outfit to teach yesterday. In order to make neon work-friendly, I paired my tights and vest with neutrals (i.e. the khaki pencil skirt and a traditional black and white gingham button down).

One of my favorite styling tricks is to take an unusual color and incorporate it twice throughout my wardrobe against either neutrals or a contrasting color. This trick is so simple, yet it changes the entire look of an otherwise simple outfit.

P.S.- Thank God it's Friday! This week seems like it has been taking forever, probably because I can't wait for next week! My birthday is Monday(dinner with my family and Breaking Dawn with my best friend!-I know we're nerds), my boyfriend comes home Tuesday and is cooking an awesome dinner, and Wednesday- going out with friends to celebrate! Then of course the best of all- Thanksgiving. I don't know about you but outside of Christmas this is my favorite holiday. I can't wait to chow down!

Definitely thinking of some special surprise for you guys on my birthday, so stay tuned! I will also be updating Shoppe Pop this weekend so get ready for a lot of new items!

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  1. I need these tights they are fabulous! Love the outfit :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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