Rust Maxi with Leopard Details

    • Dress & blouse from Marshalls
    • Boots from DSW
    • ASOS belt
    • Leather jackets from Express 
    • Earrings from Body Central

I'm constantly on the prowl (no pun intended) for new ways to "winterize" my summer/warmer weather outfits. Today is no exception.

When I found this beautiful rust-colored dress at Marshalls, I noticed that the color made it perfect for fall, but the strapless aspect of it makes it a little more summer-friendly.

So, I decided to layer. I took a lightweight leopard blouse and tucked it into some opaque brown tights to smooth out the lines, and make it not only November-friendly- but office-appropriate as well. I did a lot of shopping in this outfit yesterday, so I made sure I had on my comfy leather jacket and some two inch boots for warmth.

So excited that tomorrow is my birthday! Just was looking at cakes and decided on a delicious Red Velvet cake to eat after we go out to dinner tomorrow! This week has finally come!
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  1. Love the way you "winterized" this outfit!

  2. wow, wonderful dear. red suits you so good.
    lovely greets and a wonderful sunday.
    maren anita


  3. I like that maxi dress and I love it that you paired it with a leopard blouse. Leopard prints are trending again! :)


  4. I really like the way the shirt looks with the dress- good idea!


  5. My first comment here, Missy.

    Your passion for fashion is obvious!
    My preference is photography.
    Who ever does your photography makes your fashion passion most pleasing to your viewers. :-D

    This post gives me a chance to highlight the exceptional work of your photographer....in making you a beauty in any clothing captured on film.
    You call the color "rust" and that is a derivative of "red".

    Look at the second picture in this post.
    The photographer has positioned a stunning model in "red" directly next to (well, behind you, but brought forward ala technique) a railroad crossing sign.

    That sign proclaims: "Stop on "RED" signal" and the red is in "red", as YOU are in "red". Folks become arrested at the sight and STOP! to see BOTH "reds".
    This is a hidden talent in photography, and despite my looking everywhere for who does this to make you look smashing every post....
    I see no credits.

    Would you share the name in future posts, so we know who makes your design come alive in a photo shoot?
    Better yet, take the camera away, and aim it at your photographer, and proclaim in the picture,... who it is that performs artistry with your clothing of the day!

    You have made many posts where I thought to ask who positioned the model named Missy. This post made me pluck the keyboard to ask, for the picture is clever and timely (2nd from top).

    Last, I know little of fashion, but a lot of what I like by looking.
    I do not understand the "mood" face when you have such an outstanding smile. THOSE where you smile are always your best (preferably without sunglasses or shades (ONE photo of sunglasses gets the point across), but your face makes the clothing come alive, or fall back like the changing of our clocks in Autumn.

    Who is the person behind the camera that always makes you look so good in your posts????

    Best of luck to you in your career, whether teaching, fashion, or actually doing BOTH by teaching fashion! It is a welcome sight in Erie, PA to see pride and passion in your work. This is true for your famous photographer too.

    Best regards,
    Danny Lucas

    Ps. You are too young to know "Mr. Ed"....
    a horse is a horse of course of course; good TV show from days of yore


I really appreciate you taking the time to make a comment, thank you! :)

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