Red & Green on December 1st

    • Mia Pampa wedge booties
    • Tights from Macy's
    • Vintage skirt
    • Shirt from AE
    • Military jacket from Charlotte Russe
    • Necklace from Sassy Peacock
    • Chanel Earrings 

This is what I wore today in honor of the month of Christmas! I am so excited for Christmas break it's unreal. I can't wait to sleep in, go shopping (even more if you can believe it), and sip hot cocoa by the fire while watching movies!

So for today, it was a bit chilly, although ironically not as cold as yesterday. I wanted to bundle up a bit more than usual so I added these opaque tights under a modest skirt and layered a cami, denim shirt, and military jacket over top. I wanted to bring out some of the red to tie the look together so I added this gorgeous turquoise and red stone necklace from Sassy Peacock under the collar. Hope you enjoy!
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  1. Lovely combo! I love the red skirt and red tights together - never would have thought of it but it looks so good! :)

  2. Just found your blog through Chictopia and I love your style =) I adore this look with all the bold red and the denim shirt. And the wedges are so cute too!!
    Following you now =D

  3. Hey there! Just happened upon your lovely blog! I love all the colors in your blog! Cant wait to read more.!


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