Subtle Print Mixing for Work

    • Thrifted gingham shirt
    • Flower pin from a seconhand store in Las Vegas
    • Pants from Papaya Clothing
    • Tory Burch flats
    • Pac Sun cardigan
    • Chanel earrings 

Apologize for the late post! Things have been crazy and I'm getting sick :(  Anyways, here is the outfit I wore to teach today. I wanted to show an example of subtley mixing prints.

For this outfit, I wanted to show how you can mix prints easily and not so obviously by sticking with a simple palette (black and white) and mixing similar prints. I took a gingham shirt and layered it with a black cardigan and some high waisted trousers and took a silk polka-dotted scarf to serve as a belt.

This is a nice way to ease yourself into mixing prints if you're not that comfortable with it yet. Don't worry- you'll get there! I was very hesitant myself to start doing so at first but now I mix prints in several outfits a week. Just takes some practice and getting used to!
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  1. I love this outfit! That flower is adorable.

  2. Cute as always :) Love love love the flower pin and shoes!

  3. love your gingham shirt! I love this entire look! www.casualglamorous.com


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