Cleaning Your Closet: What to Toss

It's almost time for spring! And you know what that means- time for some "spring cleaning!" For most of us, it means cleaning the house and getting rid of things that are taking up unnecessary space; but the one place we neglect to clean out enough is our closets.

So many of us (myself included!) keep buying items, when we have no idea what's even in our closets! On the other hand, there's an incredible number of us who are pack rats and never get rid of things.

Enter: the "toss it guide"! I made this set of guidelines to help with the process! I know it's hard to part with an item that maybe you think is just to pretty or "you know will come back in style someday", or the ever-popular "I'm definitely fitting into this again sometime!" But let's face it- the things we keep in our closets with the hope of wearing again in the future, just aren't hacking it RIGHT NOW.

Wouldn't you rather get rid of a few pieces, so you can a) see what you actually have and b) make room for more pieces that you will wear all the time! So to help out, the above guidelines should put you in the right direction. After writing this, I thought of an exception, however. I keep a couple tops that are a little too short, but make great layering pieces. For instance, I have a red striped top that fits so well, but is a bit too short. Seeing as though it's hard to find such tops that fit this well, I decided to keep this one, and I wear it with high-waisted skirts (tuck it in and viola!) or when I need to wear pantyhose and I can tuck it into there to keep it in place.

Other than that, if you haven't worn it in the past year, don't like the way the fabric lays, it's uncomfortable, or you have too many pieces that are similar (just to name a few!) GET RID OF IT. You're better off having pieces in your closet that you can just throw on without thinking about it. BONUS- purging these items from your closet will make your daily routine go much smoother, because everything you will have in your closet will fit! Yesss! :)

Stay tuned for "Cleaning Your Closet" part 2 where I go over things to keep/staples to have in your wardrobe!
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  1. #6. Seriously though. I have too many of the same things! So so bad haha


  2. Great advice! I definitely try to follow if I haven't worn it in a year advice :)


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