Men's Style: Red Pants & Nordic Sweater

Timberland shoes, Dockers pants c/o Marshalls, Davis & Squire Nordic Sweater, Sunglasses via Zumiez

Who says colored pants are just for women? There are plenty of colored pants that are just as stylish for men, and these are no exception! Take for instance these pants- you wouldn't think that orange slacks would work, but Rick rocks them!

These red Dockers seemed appropriate for the ending of winter. Since we can really only get away with a nordic sweater like this for a few more weeks (hopefully!) I scooped this one up for him! Looks so comfy and I'm loving the buttons & print! What do you think?
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  1. I agree that colored pants are not just for women! Men should wear them too =) great post! I am going to follow you now, hope you return the follow =)



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