Striped and White

Sweater from Papaya Clothing, Belt from AE, Kenneth Cole Bright Actress boots from Marshalls, Express dress, White jeans from Aeropostale, RayBan sunglasses

This outfit was definitely not planned, but I ended up loving it! Funny how it came about. So this dress is a favorite piece of not only mine- but my mom and my aunt as well, haha! I found it this past summer and fell in love with it. I'm not sure if I actually ever wore it by itself- I think I prefer it as a layering piece.

Anyway- my aunt had borrowed this sweater and dress to wear the other night and had it at her house when I went there after work to change into some outfits to take outfit photos. I had been wearing a dress to work, and with the tights and all I was kind of over it (you know how it is those days you're just not feeling being dressed up). So I thought...hmmm...what do I have that I can put together to wear to go shopping that night and so I found these white jeans of mine I had packed and the 'trusty dress'! Thank God everyone loves it! haha!

One of the things I love the most about this dress is its collar- it almost looks like a skirt and a top separate when it's layered. I pair it with pretty much everything. Case in point here & here!

I'm obviously not a big believer in "fashion rules" especially outdated ones like "no white pants after Labor Day". I think winter whites can be really chic when they're popped with some bright color or worn with black. Do you prefer to wear black and white or are you always in color?

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  1. Wow interesting layering! Haha honestly, I was looking at the photos thinking... 'how in the world did she layer it?' haha kudos! And don't you just love unplanned outfits though?



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