Cheap Thrill: Add Flowers to Your Accessories for Summer {Guest Post}

The season of flowers is upon us! Bright blooms are everywhere you look, in neighborhood yards, on balconies, storefronts and in homes. Flowers are beautiful to look at and they are nature’s call to beauty for the spring, summer and fall months. 

Summer fashions often include bright colors in fabric, blooms abound on prints, sandals and open toed footwear are the hot sellers.

Why not include these beautiful blooms into your summer attire? Flowers in the hair are not just for weddings! They can be the finishing touch for an evening out or for a carefree daytime look.

The problem is that ‘real’ blooms tend to wilt after two or three hours leaving the wearer looking drab and worn out instead of vibrant and beautiful. There is however a way to keep yourself and your hair adornment looking bright, fresh and vibrant throughout the day and the evening. Silk flowers.

Fake flowers that are made from silk have the look and feel of real blooms, bringing beauty to in-home bouquets or to daily fashion attire. The only thing missing is the smell! That can also be accomplished with the use of a little perfume.

Another use for silk flowers is on summer footwear. The sandals and ‘flip-flops’ that have the obviously fake flowers on them look cheap, while the really nice looking ones are usually fairly expensive at around two hundred dollars a pair.

Try purchasing an inexpensive pair of sandals or open toed shoes, and create your own little ‘bouquet’ with silk flowers. Not only will you have one-of-a-kind footwear, they will reflect your own personality and joy of summer. High fashion at an affordable price is always at the top of my priority list!

In the case that you have silk flower bouquets in your home, look at them carefully and select some blooms to snip for your hair or summer footwear attire. If you need to purchase the flowers, I suggest looking at www.silkflowerswarehouse.com. They have a huge selection to choose from, and they are very reasonable.

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