Cheap Thrill: Rusted Lungs Vintage Jewelry

I'm so excited to share with you a vintage jewelry store called Rusted Lungs, with pieces created by friends of mine from my hometown! The store owner, Rachel, creates each piece by hand from throwaways. This re-purposing is a beautiful way to create unique and gorgeous bohemian-inspired pieces for both men and women.

Best part is- none of it is over $30! Not to mention how amazing the graphics are! I can't get enough of the original designs which include pearls, keys, peacock feathers, pocket watches, pendants and gears! This jewelry is like a gorgeous meeting of ModCloth & Urban Outfitters with an authentic and sexy vibe.

Very soon, they will also include clothing- which I can hardly wait for. Make sure to get your hands on one of Rachel's timeless pieces to add a hip vibe to your summer duds.

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  1. Love it all!!!!


  2. I'm in love with these pieces! I will be sure to check out her stuff.



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