Playsuits: The New Romper

Rompers took the fashion world by storm last summer, and now they're back with a sophisticated twist. With colors as sweet as candy, and fabrics that flatter; these silhouettes look beautiful on just about every body.

I always have had a thing for the ease of putting on a romper; especially when the temperatures start to heat up. But with winter in full "spring" these summer standbys often get pushed into the backs on many closets.

In times like these,  money is often tight and there is no time more crucial to get the most mileage out of the pieces you already own. These winter-ready rompers work perfectly with tights and layered with blazers.

My tip: buy a playsuit in a size bigger than you would usually buy if you're "hippy" and tailor the top- it'll look like it's made for you!

Modest necklines and pleats make this look ready for more lenient office settings and perfect for after-work cocktails. The romper's grown-up cousin looks chic and business-like during all seasons.

For modern prints and silky fits try a playsuit from Ted Baker!

Purchase these playsuits here!

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