Military Leopard Layering

    • Dress from American Eagle
    • Boots from Macy's
    • Earrings from Body Central
    • Thrifted leopard top
    • Bracelets from Charlotte Russe
    • Ralph Lauren vest 

Just another example of how I've been layering for teaching this fall. Well, today I guess it seems like it's winter. I woke up this morning only to find a few inches of that gross, slushy wet snow on my windshield and all over the lawn. Ugh.

A storm rolled in yesterday when I took this picture and I thought it'd be interesting to take the photo down by the lake. Since I'm oddly obsessed with tornadoes I was excited to see the wall clouds over the lake yesterday. I keep hoping I'll see a tornado one day but probably fat chance living here in PA.

I'm finding that maxi dresses are the easiest piece to style differently for teaching outfits when it's cold outside. They're modest and solid-colored versions allow for more styling options. Lately, I've really enjoyed adding leopard and some textures to maxi dresses. Not only does layering add warmth, but it adds color dimension as well. Hmm...maybe I'll have to look for more maxi dresses on sale this weekend.

Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you to those who have fought for our country :)
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