Cobalt & Colorblocked Stilettos

Michael Kors clutch & dress c/o Marshalls, Bracelet c/o TJ Maxx, Jessica Simpson heels, RayBan sunglasses

Cobalt blue is one of those electrifying colors that is just perfect for the office and a night out all at the same time! It's one of those unique colors that is as eye-catching at a neon, but subdued enough for a professional meeting.

I love how this dress can be sexy without showing cleavage. The cap sleeves and higher neckline keeps it classy. This simple style is dressed up just enough with the zipper and black band detailing. I love it! Dresses like these in a basic hue make it so much fun to dress up with in-your-face heels. Enter: these new Jessica Simpson colorblocked stilettos. Don't tell but I love them so much I'm buying them A-S-A-P!

These brilliant spring colors (fuchsia, teal and cobalt) can glam up a basic LBD and take you from spring to summer! Can't wait to wear them to all the summer weddings I'm going to!
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  1. Those shoes. Oh my gosh, i'm in love.

  2. Cobalt blue looks amazing on you and those shoes are to die for!


  3. Just came across your blog and I love it! Following now.

  4. I love the color & dress! Those shoes!!! I saw a pair of wedges in those same colors but they were sold out in my size :(

    You look lovely as always.


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