How to Mix Prints: 6 Ways

One of my favorite things to do when I style an outfit is to mix prints! This concept used to seem completely outrageous to me, but after starting small, I built up the courage to experiment with this fun trend; and I have to say- it was definitely worth it!

This look is so easy to pull off and can literally transform an outfit and help you get wear out of everyone one of your printed pieces! Pieces like a striped top, leopard printed scarf, or python heels can look completely different when worn with other prints, upping your style factor while you make the most out of everything in your wardrobe.

#1: Skirt & Top

One simple way to start mixing prints is to mix basic, uncomplicated prints that act as neutrals by pairing two simple pieces together. Leopard acts as a neutral here, making it go perfectly with black and white in a simple print like this polka dot. Other black and white options that are easy to pair with leopard would be stripes or something like a basic graphic floral. Break up the prints by adding a belt in one of the colors from the main color scheme (i.e. black). Print mixing like this is best paired with simple and neutral accessories; let the prints make the statement!

#2: Shoes & Top

This is another really simple way to start mixing prints! Play on the unexpected by pairing fun printed shoes with a printed top. Just make sure that the color scheme is the same, and the size of the print is basically matched up. If in doubt, stick to a simple color scheme like black and white- it always works! Have fun with the bottoms- be it jeans, dress pants, or a skirt- just keep it in a solid to make the print mixing work. The colored pants trend fits perfectly here!

#3: Blazer/Outerwear, Top & Scarf

This way is a bit trickier, and best if you don't mix more than three colors at once. It's really hard to come by three pieces that have prints simple enough to mix together- so stick to one print and "mix" the size of the print. Here, I took a thick-striped scarf and mixed it with a thin-striped blazer and top with a slightly different size stripe. Here, the top "anchors" (yeah, no pun intended!) the look because it includes all three colors in the "print" mixing. The color scheme, therefore, stays red, white, and blue (no matter the fading tones of that color). Make the rest of the look continuous by drawing one specific color into your pants or shoes.

#4: Scarf & Top

This look is easy-peasy to accomplish- especially in the winter! Who doesn't want to just wrap themselves up in something cozy like a fun printed scarf? Classics like this tartan in a brilliant red work great with a simpler print like stripes. It works because no matter what other colors are in the scarf, it includes navy blue, which makes it blend well with the navy and white stripes in the top. Add depth to the look by adding on something extra like a vest or a coat in a lesser noticeable color in the scarf.

#5: Top & Dress

Layering is always a super easy way to mix prints. Here, the simple striped dress works great  by itself with minimal accessories, yet it blends well with another piece that picks up one of its most brilliant colors. Again, different sized stripes makes this look work. Pick up a lesser seen color with a bold accessory, and keep the rest of the look neutral.

#6: Top & Sweater

More complicated prints work well with lesser complicated prints too! This seemingly busy cardigan blends nicely with the simple striped top underneath because the colors are limited to 2 (3 if you count the barely there white!). Nude-colored accessories add a touch of the unexpected, and make the look more modern than simply adding black shoes and a handbag.

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  1. Girl you sure can put it together! My fav look was the last, my fav...effortlessly chic.

    You look cute as always!

  2. Awesome styling! I'm still loving that bright dress and sweater.

  3. I LOVE this post. I've been attempting to mix prints for a while now, and I haven't been successful yet. This post is very helpful. I'm bookmarking it right now! :)


  4. AWESOME fashion tips! This is one of the BEST posts on fashion blogs. Thank you!

  5. Great posts! I am such a fan of mixing and matching!

    xo Ashleigh


  6. This is a great post. I've always loved the look but had a hard time figuring it out. Thans for the tips!

  7. I love look #2!! I've been wanting to mix prints with my shoes and this is such a great idea. You did it beautifully!

  8. Great post! Love that you not only styled many outfits with mixing prints, you made them all look effortlessly chic!



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