Polished Prints

Jessica Simpson boots, Michael Kors bag c/o TJ Maxx, Dress & top c/o Marshalls

When I saw these two pieces I knew it was love at first sight! The colors were just too perfect. It's tough to find two pieces that are the exact shade of two colors, but it was a lucky find!

This dress alone is very casual, but adding a sheer blouse on top with another simple print gives the look some panache. I'm loving these sheer blouses for spring, the fabric makes them nice and cool, and they can be mixed with everything from high-waisted skirts to jeans and a fur vest.

In addition to the printed styles, bold and solid hues are making waves in this type of blouse this spring as well. I love adding a piece of statement jewelry underneath the collar just to add a more feminine touch.

I just spotted this bag at TJ Maxx the other day and wanted to show you guys how gorgeous it is! It's size is deceiving- this little baby actually holds quite a bit! Not to mention it's embellished with stud hardware detailing that makes it "of the moment" right now. Metallic bags go with practically anything and brighten up any outfit. The nude coloring on the leather straps helps this bag to blend with anything you have in your closet! Oh Michael Kors, you've done it again.
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  1. Love the sheer polka dots over the stripes! So cute, lady!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  2. What a look! Amazing. I just love every piece of it! ♥


  3. Each piece is beautiful by itself and all pieces make gorgeous combination!:) LOVE!!! Great style dear!!!;)


  4. great outfit, stripes and spots look amazing, and i love black and white and tan, it looks so classy!

  5. Gorgeous. Exquisite. <3 Sarah



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