Walk Like An Egyptian

  • Dress from H&M
  • Jessica Simpson boots
  • Headband from Walmart
  • Vintage belt
Metallics are hot this summer, and wearing them as part of the detail on your outfit is a subtle way to make this trend work for you in everyday life. I based this look off of Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra and found it interesting to find that Kim Kardashian recently shot a tribute to the late actress in Harper's Bazaar donning a similar look. One of the easiest ways to add an unexpected edge to your outfit is to pair black basics with brown accessories. The earthy feel of the combo stands out and looks classically chic. Try matching a worn leather belt with distressed leather boots or gladiator sandals for a laid-back feel.

Pop of health/fitness:
6 Unexpected Foods that Aid in Weight Loss:
Beet Juice – As unappealing as it sounds, beat juice is commonly used to build and increase stamina. Research has shown that beet juice can increase the amount of time you work out by about 16 percent. The key nutrient is called Nitrate and it is responsible for enhancing your stamina. This means being able to exercise and workout longer. In turn, the longer you work out the more fat you can burn.
Cinnamon – A spice commonly used in many different recipes apparently can help your body metabolize sugars. It has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and decrease cholesterol just by having ¼ to 2 teaspoons a day. Plus by adding a little bit of cinnamon, you’re also getting to make your meal a bit tastier!
Chocolate – Men and women all over the word love chocolate. Yes, chocolate is full of sugar, but when dieting, if you are going to give in to a craving, the best way to do that is by eating a bite size, individually packed, piece of chocolate candy.
Green Tea – The ingredient that does the work in green tea is called catechin. Catechins contain antioxidants that are extremely beneficial to health, by ways of weight loss and boosted metabolism.
Popcorn – The movie lover favorite. This particular type of popcorn, however, needs to be air popped. It does not include using butter, oil or salt. Air popped popcorn can be made right at home, over the stove or in a microwave oven. Depending on your weight loss diet, you may have room to add a little bit of butter or salt. Never the less, your best results will come from butter and salt free popcorn.
Soup – With all the different ingredients in soup, it is hard to believe that it is considered a weight loss food. You see, people’s minds are constantly set to think a certain way and eating just one bowl of soup can trick your body into believing that you have just consumed two or even three bowls. A bowl of soup satisfies your hunger and your brain believes that you are full.
Information from healthvotes.com
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